For many people, the idea of starting a fitness and wellness program is intimidating and feels unattainable. It is hard to know where to start and to feel comfortable working out. It is easier to make excuses grounded in reason (e.g. “I am busy with work.”) than address the underlying concerns (e.g. “I do not know where to start and what if it does not work?”).

Working on your fitness is a journey worth taking. You have this one body to live in and it is something worth your time and energy.

Fitness workouts are only successful if they are done and they are only done if you feel good about the process. My goal is to make our workouts a blend of challenge and strength building. Not just physical strength building, but strength in character and confidence. We are in this together to help you maximize your time working out and enjoying your life.

As a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer, I draw from years of training groups and individuals. I believe that we have to link our values with our workouts or the motivation will not last. I believe that Fitness Workouts should be based on evidence and science but cannot forget that the human body knows best. I trust your feedback and want to create a workout that makes you feel like you worked out yet are rejuvenated and excited to do this again.

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