My approach is a collaborative partnership. Rooted in dialogue, our sessions provide a genuine, engaging, and supportive environment for you to express yourself freely without worry of judgment. It has been a privilege to see my clients experience improvements in mood, relationships, purpose, sense of self, and overall quality of life.

I have worked with people with various concerns which include:

  • adjustment/life transitions
  • anxiety
  • career choices
  • complex trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder
  • college transition/college life
  • depression
  • purpose/meaning of life
  • relationships
  • self-esteem
  • ​work/life balance​​

Prior to moving to Boston and creating my private practice, Summit Wellness, I worked at the Therapy Center of Philadelphia providing direct individual therapy and group therapy to women and members of the transgender communities. I earned my masters in Mental Health Counseling with a specialty in Behavioral Health and have three years of experience in private and group practice.

If you are honest and willing to explore, psychotherapy can be an excellent tool to change your life.

Let’s connect today for an individual, partners, or family therapy consultation!


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